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What are the most affordable cities to study in?
The Natwest Student Living Index is a survey of over 3,000 university students. It looks at the income, money management and spending of students in 35 different university cities.

What skills do you need to prepare you for university?
A survey of admissions tutors reveals the skills they think new students are lacking.

How will new GCSE grades affect your university applications?
Universities are treating the new number-based GCSE grades in different ways, so make sure you check when you apply.

What is the TEF and how does it affect you?
New government ratings for teaching quality at university are out now. Find out they work and how you can use them.

You might need to reply to your UCAS offers by 8 June
If you received all your offers by 5 May, you need to make your firm and insurance choices today.

Volunteers' Week 2017 runs from 1 – 7 June
Volunteers' Week celebrates volunteering across the UK and gives you the chance to find volunteering opportunities.

Can rosemary boost your revision?
A study suggests that the smell of rosemary can improve your memory.

You can already register to vote in the general election
Theresa May has announced an election on 8 June. Find out what you need to do to make your voice heard.

What to do if your accommodation problems don't get fixed
Students struggle to get their accommodation problems dealt with, according to a new survey.

Minimum wage rises
If you have a job – whether it's part-time, full-time or just in the holidays – make sure you're being paid at least the minimum wage.