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Problems logging in?

Problems logging in?

Having trouble logging in? Don't panic - here are a few common problems to check.

I can’t log in. What do I do?

  • Make sure you have signed up to the ementoring site using the code word provided by your ementoring coordinator
  • Check that you are typing your username and password correctly. If you spell it wrong, add a space accidentally, or leave your caps lock on your details will not be recognised
  • If you have forgotten your password, don’t worry. You can get a new password here. Enter your username and you'll receive a new password by email
  • If you have forgotten your username too, simply contact your ementoring coordinator, who will be able to email it to you. Alternatively, try your email address, or your name in the format firstname.lastname, as these are often used as your ementoring username. All you then need to do is reset your password as described above.
  • If you are still stuck, send our support team an email on . Make sure you let us know your full name and which ementoring website you use

I keep getting an Error Message

The message you get when you try to log on can help you work out what's wrong:
Error: Login failed. Both login name and password are case sensitive, check that caps lock is not enabled.

  1. If you get this message, then the system has not recognised your username or password. Make sure there are no typing errors, the caps lock is not on and that you haven't included any spaces at the start or end of your username or password.
    Copy and paste: If you've copied and pasted your username and password from an email, you might have picked up some extra spaces or other characters that stop your password from being recognised. Try entering the password by hand.
  2. Check the website address is correct.
    If you've been on a different project before, make sure you're on the right site now. If you think you've been registered to the wrong project, contact us on
  3. I'm still stuck!
    If you're still having trouble, drop us a line on Please let us know your full name, which ementoring website you use and any error messages you've received.