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What can I do with an English Literature degree?
A degree in English Literature could open the book into an exciting career in a whole range of areas.

What can I do with a history degree?
Are you thinking about a degree in history, but worried about getting a job after you graduate? Find out how you could turn your passion for the past into a profession.

Careers in fashion design
Models might be the 'faces' of fashion shows and photo shoots, but behind them are teams of people producing the latest trends for them to wear. Read on to find out how clothes get to the catwalk and catalogues – and then into your closet.

Careers in illustration
Working as an illustrator can draw you into all kinds of places.

Careers in museums and galleries
Open your eyes to the wide range of jobs in museums and art galleries, and how to get one.

Careers in the music industry
Being able to hold a tune or write a song isn’t the only kind of talent the music business needs.

My job explained: Actress
Star of Casualty and Coronation Street, Georgia Taylor reveals what an actress’ job is really like off the stage and screen.

My job explained: Animator
Watching cartoons as a child opened Rob Cureton’s eyes to his dream job.

My job explained: Artistic director
In theatre, what happens behind the scenes is just as important as what goes on in the spotlight. Read on to find out how Mark Ball plans the LIFT festival...

My job explained: Arts marketing manager
Sharing your love of theatre and music doesn’t have to mean strutting your stuff on stage. Read on as Sarah Hodson talks about her career in arts marketing.

My job explained: Fashion designer
Alex Noble’s career as a fashion designer has been as glittering as the gowns he’s designed for Lady GaGa and Florence Welch. Read on as he explains that while styles may change, certain skills you’ll need will never go out-of-date.

My job explained: Graphic designer
Claire Hartley is a graphic designer. Read on as she talks about creativity, criticism, confidence - and how to get the right people to see your work.

My job explained: Label manager
Allan McGrath manages record label Anjunabeats. Read on to find out why his job really is music to his ears.

My job explained: Photographer
Kate Beatty is a freelance photographer. Read on to find out why she thinks what she does is ‘magic’.

My job explained: Theatre critic
In the world of theatre, a play’s success can rest as much on what the critics write as what the actors perform. Read on for Andrzej Lukowski’s advice for how to get a five star career as a theatre critic.

My job explained: Scenic artist
Rowan Plinston sets the scene to explain how you can use your artistic skills to create stage sets for the theatre.

My job explained: Screenwriter
Screenwriter for programmes including Shaun The Sheep, Horrid Henry and 4 O’Clock Club, Dan Berlinka tells the story of his career so far.

My job explained: Visual merchandiser
Tessa Robertson opens the window on her work creating eye-catching shop displays, and explains why this isn’t a job for dummies.

Career profile: Animator
Got your eye on a career in animation? Read our guide to discover the skills and qualifications you need to put yourself in the picture.

Career profile: Archaeologist
Find out how archaeologists uncover the past, and how you can get involved.

Career profile: Archivist
An archivist is someone who cares for materials that have significant historical or cultural value. Archivists are responsible for organizing collections of records or information and making them accessible to others.

Career profile: Art therapist
Get the lowdown on what the job involves, what qualifications you need and how long it takes to train.

Career profile: Choreographer
Choreography is the art of creating dance or movement sequences. A choreographer is in charge planning a routine, or set of steps and movements, for a performer to execute during a musical number.

Career profile: Costume designer
Costume designers design and create the clothes an actor wears, hepling to define the look of the character and the production.

Career profile: Screenwriter
Screenwriting is the act of producing a screenplay for television or film. A screenwriter is the person who researches, writes, and delivers the finished material. Screenwriters have to be adept storytellers, capable of capturing the interest and attention of the producer, director, cast, and crew of a production.

Career profile: Stage Manager
Stage managers keep the theatre world turning. Find out how you can become a backstage star.

Library and information science explained
A library is much more than a building full of books. Find out how library and information science organizes the world's knowledge.