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Taster courses explained

Nelly Ali finds out what exactly taster courses are – and whether they actually hold any benefits.

Watch the interview with Careers Pathways Advisor Mrs G Hayward above for all you need to know about taster courses, and read the following interviews to see what students who have been on one actually think.


  • Psychology at Royal Holloway

The psychology taster course at Royal Holloway was both interesting and enjoyable. The lectures and activities were interactive, giving an insight into what psychology would be like at university, which I found to be very much different from A-level yet enjoyable nonetheless. The student led tour gave a feel for the campus, allowing for all of my questions to be answered. The course has further secured my decision in wanting to study psychology at degree level and I would recommend taster courses to people who want the chance to experience academic and social life in a higher education environment.


  • Life Sciences at Warwick University

The life sciences taster course at Warwick University consisted of a selection of lectures, seminars, and student led campus tours.  The level of interaction with current students, staff, and especially the administrations team was a great way of finding out about the course, department, and student life. Although attending the taster course made me realise that Warwick University is not right for me, I would definitely recommend attending as it both confirmed my decision in which course to choose, whilst giving me a feel for student life at Warwick which I otherwise would not have been able to ascertain. 


  • Ancient History and Archaeology at Oxford University

The ancient history and archaeology taster course at Oxford University was a great way to experience of the tutorials that you would actually be required to attend. It was a fantastic way of gaining more knowledge about a subject I didn’t know particularly well, and it has confirmed my interest in it. The taster course also allowed for a student led campus tour which was really great as all questions were answered and it was nice to see the town itself and the famous Bodleian library! The taster course also discussed entry requirements and the process of application that would take place which dispelled a few myths. I would definitely recommend taster courses as it is a great way of finding out whether a subject is for you and experiencing what life at university is like.

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