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How does the stock market work?
Anyone who’s ever seen the news will have heard about the stock market, but what is it and how does it work?

How do exchange rates work?
If you’ve ever swapped money before going abroad, you might wonder why you never get exactly the same amount. Read our guide to exchange rates to find why, and what they mean in the wider world.

Different types of bank explained
Confused about the difference between retail and investment banking, or ever wondered why you can’t open an account with the Bank of England? Read our guide to find out more.

Different types of business explained
Not sure what an SME is, or what the limits on a limited company actually are? Find out with our guide to different types of business.

Inflation and interest rates explained
Have you ever wondered why things seem to cost more now than they did a year ago? Then you need to get your head around inflation and interest rates.

What is a recession?
Unless you have been hiding in a cave for the last year, you have probably heard and seen reports about recession. Read on to find out what it means and how this one compares to past economic crises.

What are subprime mortgages?
During the credit crisis we've heard a lot about subprime mortgages, but what are they and why are they being blamed for a financial downturn?

What is management consultancy?
So, you want to be a management consultant? Find out more about what you’ll be doing.

What is e-commerce?
If you've ever bought anything online, chances are you've had experience with e-commerce. Read on to find out what it is and how it could help you into a career.

Studying business studies
Find out how business studies could take you from behind the desk in a classroom to behind a desk in a boardroom.

Business quotes
Feeling a bit down? Some of the most inspiring (and funny!) ideas come from famous businesspeople. Check out our top 10 below.

Learn the language of business
Find out about some of the funniest business jargon in the office!

Take the business test
Do you want to take over the world with your business idea or just change it for the better? Whether you're hard-nosed, hard-working or just hard to please, find out which business personality you most resemble by taking this quick quiz.

Business test answers
How did you get on in the business person quiz?

Top 5 finance films
Want a taster of what life is like in the City? Well, these top films may not be entirely accurate but at least you can indulge yourself with a movie while pretending to research your career!

Top 5 business gaffes
For those who think that business is a breeze – think again! Here are the five most embarrassing business mistakes.

Are men worth more than women?
Shocking research lifts the lid on corporate inequality, revealing that women are paid around 20% less than men.

MBAs explained
Find out what an MBA is and whether it could benefit you.