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Business test answers

Business test answersHow did you get on in the business person quiz?

Mostly as

You are most like Alan Sugar.

Money and success won’t take you away from your roots. You could build a business empire but you will never let it go to your head and would still hang out with your old pals.
What you missed out on growing up you more than make up for in initiative and determination now. You’ve got an excellent eye for a business opportunity and are a super salesperson. Business is your life blood. It’s hard work but you love it!

Mostly bs

You are most like media tycoon Rupert Murdoch.

You would like to run a business so that you can feel powerful. You may not have many original ideas but you know how to make a business run more efficiently. You are an expert negotiator and can be very persuasive when needed. You never stop working, every time you meet someone new, you’re thinking how they can help you grow your business. Image is important to you. You are a firm believer in the motto “dress for success” and will shell out thousands to give off the impression of success.

Mostly cs

You are most like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Young, intelligent and hard-working, you’ve got great ideas and know how to run with them. You are in tune with the youth of today and your ideas are always one step ahead of the industry experts.
You keep your outgoings down by working from home and having a cheap lifestyle. Despite your brilliant business brain, you would rather avoid the limelight than show off your success by splashing out on expensive cars and holidays.

Mostly ds

You are most like Richard Branson.

Charismatic and adventurous, you’re willing to try your hand at anything as long as it’s risky and fun.
You don’t care too much about your business image, but you’re always happy to listen to what your customers have to say.
You think ahead and tend to look for business opportunities which involve exploring new worlds and doing something completely different.

Mostly es

You are most like Body Shop founder Anita Roddick.

You have strong morals and will not let the business world change that. You want to make the world a better place with your business plan. You are careful with money and will not expand the business until you know it’s time.
You like to help people, you are caring and thoughtful. However, you are an excellent business brain and know the importance of building a brand.