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Take the business test

Take the business testDo you want to take over the world with your business idea or just change it for the better? Whether you're hard-nosed, hard-working or just hard to please, find out which business personality you most resemble by taking this quick quiz.

Answer the following questions and add up how many times you answered a, b, c, d and e to find out which famous business personality you most resemble.

1: If you were a character from the Harry Potter stories, who would you be?

a) Rags to riches hero Harry Potter.
b) Power-hungry Lord Voldemort.
c) Hard-working Hermione.
d) Charismatic and adventurous Lupin.
e) Heart of gold Hagrid.

2: What kind of business would suit you best?

a) Selling gadgets and electronics.
b) Buying up existing businesses and making them more profitable.
c) Inventing a product or service.
d) I would rather dabble in different businesses.
e) I’d like a business that will help make the world a better place.

3: Your business idea is such a hit you get onto Dragons’ Den where a Dragon offers to buy you out for £100,000. Do you…

a) Reject the offer, saying you’d rather go it alone and drop out of school to develop the business.
b) Broker a deal in which you come out with the money and still have control over the business.
c) Snap up the offer and begin working on a new idea that’s even better than the one before.
d) Accept the offer and use the profits to fund a year of travelling.
e) Accept the offer and donate the profits to charity.

4: Your business takes off. Where do you open your first office?

a) The local industrial estate. You don’t need a fancy office to run a successful business.
b) Canary Wharf in Central London. If you don’t look rich and powerful how can you expect to win over clients?
c) My bedroom. All I need is a computer and I’m away!
d) I don’t need an office. I can work anywhere: on the plane, train or in the car, but the more exotic the better.
e) Start small and set up a cottage industry at home.

5: If you were to go on holiday, where would you go?

a) I would go to the same place I always go on holiday. Having money wouldn’t affect this decision.
b) Somewhere that fits in with my business strategy. I would tie the holiday in with a business meeting or networking opportunity.
c) I wouldn’t go on holiday- I work too hard!. I tend not to plan and let fate make my decisions.
d) Somewhere adventurous and dangerous like the Bermuda Triangle or the Antarctic. The riskier the better!
e) I would opt for a voluntary project abroad doing things like building a school or teaching underprivileged children.

6: You need to buy an outfit for working on your new business. How do you choose what to buy?

a) A classic grey suit, nothing too fussy.
b) The most expensive suit I can find. If you don’t look the part, you’ll never make it!
c) My mum buys my clothes, I’d let her decide.
d) I’d choose something comfortable and casual. Suits are too stuffy!
e) I would make sure my outfit was ethically sourced. Either made from fair trade, organic cotton in an ethical factory or bought from a charity shop.

7: Someone sets up a rival business to yours, which threatens the success of your company. What do you do?

a) Never give up the fight. Competition is healthy for a good business.
b) Undermine the rival’s business by charging less for your services until they go bust or sell up.
c) This would never happen. I have a unique selling point and I have patented my idea so no one will be able to copy it.
d) Suggest they buy out your business so that you can start working on something else.
e) Hire an expert marketing team to make your brand the best and outshine the competition.

Add up your scores and find out which business personality you are most like.