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Get rich young
So, you want to make your first million before you turn 30 but think lack of experience will hold you back? Think again.

Top 5 consultancy firms
Find out about five of the world's biggest consultancy firms.

Top investment banks
The big investment banks are global financial services organisations and major employers of some of the UK’s brightest graduates. Get the lowdown on some of the leading City banks.

An idea that could change the world?
Can you imagine inventing gadgets to help the third world and scooping a handful of awards for your projects - all before your 22nd birthday?

Bidding for success
Looking for a low-risk opportunity to set up a business? eBay has the answer.

Britain's youngest pig farmer
When Emma Cianchi made the unusual request for some piglets for her 14th birthday, her parents thought they would make nice pets. Little did they know, a year later their daughter would be making a tidy profit as Britain’s youngest pig farmer.

Starting an online business magazine
Entrepreneur Simone Brummelhuis is head of The NextWomen, a successful business magazine about female internet heroes.

Entrepreneur battles downturn
Running a small business may be more challenging than ever during a recession but that’s no reason to give up. One businesswoman explains her tips for defying the downturn.

Case study: Fun consulting
Think consultancy is all work? Well, perhaps, but some consultancies are brought in to show the employees how fun their jobs can be!

Case study: Process consulting and Sainsbury's
When Sainsbury’s needed to overhaul their delivery processes they called in a consultancy firm to help organise the operation.