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How to demonstrate your personal strengths in a job interview

How to demonstrate your personal strengths in a job interviewRecruiters are keen to know not only that you CAN do what they need but WHO you are and HOW you tend to approach things.

They’ll really want to know that your personality and attitude will fit in with them and the way they work. And they will do this by asking key questions in an interview such as:

  • “How would your university professors/lecturers describe you”?
  • “How would you describe yourself”?
  • “Can you tell us about a time when you had to tackle a difficult situation?”

Getting your head around WHO you are and HOW you operate is vital for finding the right job.

Check out these four tips to help you put forward your strength in an interview:

  1. Think hard about the words that would best describe how you operate:
    • Are you reliable, conscientious and resourceful?
    • Outgoing, broad-minded and adventurous?
  2. Ask your friends to tell you how they see you. Do you see a match?
  3. Get together your evidence – examples of real situations you’ve been in to help you demonstrate what you can do and how you work. These can be drawn from everyday life, everyday events (you don’t need to have climbed Everest by the time you’re 21!) – could be a project at uni you completed under pressure or a time when you worked with other students on piece of work.
  4. Think about what’s important to you, what motivates you; the things that you value in your life.