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One in four students still don’t budget

Jul 21, 2016

One in four students still don’t budgetOne in four university students still don’t budget. Are you one of them?

The annual student money survey by Save the Student found that one in four university students have never budgeted.

The survey of over 2000 participants found that four in five students wished they’d had a better financial education. Although financial education is now on the national curriculum, current students may struggle to manage money simply because they’ve never been taught how to.  Luckily, there are more resources than ever available online to help you learn how. Read our essential guide to budgeting and money management  to find out how to keep track of your spending. Our Student Calculator  is quick and easy to use – and it’ll help you estimate how much money you’ll have (and need) at university. You may be surprised by how much budgeting could help you.

The Save the Student survey also found that two in three students didn’t understand their student loan agreement, with 67% worrying about loan repayments. We have a whole section dedicated to helping you understand Student Finance, including the myths surrounding student loan repayments. Remember, you’ll only ever have to repay your student loan if you go on to earn over a certain amount – and it’ll never be more than you can afford.