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Students getting more support from their unions

Feb 25, 2016

Students getting more support from their unionsStudent unions are focusing more on supporting students and less on bars and club nights, according to research from the NUS.

The survey found that both support services and academic societies are on the increase at UK universities, while beer sales are falling. The change may be connected to higher tuition fees, with students determined to get a degree that justifies the cost of university and thinking carefully about course costs.

The social side of student unions is still important, with 74% of students using a union bar and 87% using union coffee shops and caf├ęs, but the results are a reminder of the range of support available to students. Whether you're concerned about money, academic success or mental health and wellbeing, help is available from your university and student union.

Find out more about how a student union can support you at university.

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