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Thousands more students going abroad during their course

May 29, 2015

Thousands more students going abroad during their courseThe number of British students going overseas as part of their degree rose by more than half last year.

28,640 spent time abroad in 2013-14 compared to 18,108 in 2012-13, according to new figures from the British Council. Many of those were on the Erasmus programme, which gives you the chance to spend up to a year at a university in Europe as part of your course.

Zainab Malik, who led the research, says that the biggest things students worry about when they consider studying abroad are the costs and the language skills they need, but students who had been overseas report that these turned out to be less of a problem than they expected.

As well as being an exciting experience, studying abroad can improve your career prospects, especially if you're considering working in another country. Find out more about going abroad during your degree.

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