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What is a sandwich course?

image_globe.jpgLooking for a course you can really get your teeth into? Then think about a sandwich course. Read on to find out more.

What is it?

Sandwich courses are courses offered by some universities where some of your studies take place working in industry or studying abroad.

How does it work?

Sandwich courses normally last for four years at degree level, with work experience or foreign studies normally taking place in your third year. Where you go and what you will do depends on the subject; modern languages students might study at a foreign university, business students might work with companies either in Britain or abroad, while science students might work in a laboratory.
Some universities arrange placements for you, but others expect you to find one yourself. You might do this by writing to employers directly, or by applying to a scheme like Erasmus if you’re looking to go abroad.

Why study one?

Most industry work placements will pay a salary and you might get a grant if you study abroad. Your annual tuition fee will probably be lower for that year as well. But sandwich courses are about more than just the money. Students who work in industry will develop real practical skills which will help when applying for future jobs. Studying abroad means you really experience a different country and culture firsthand, making you more independent and giving plenty of new friends and memories to go with your qualification at the end of the course.

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