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The graduate milkround

The graduate milkroundNothing to do with two pints of semi-skimmed on your doorstep, the graduate milkround is when leading companies try to attract university leavers onto their graduate training schemes. Read on to find out more.

What are graduate training schemes?

Graduate training schemes are run by companies who want to provide graduates with work experience and the specific skills for a full-time job with them. Placements usually last for a year, during which graduates are normally assigned a mentor who trains and advises them in relevant aspects of the business. Although a job isn’t guaranteed at the end, completing a graduate training scheme is more likely to get you hired by that company than applying any other way.

Who offers graduate training schemes?

Graduate training schemes are most commonly offered in the financial services sector. However, many other firms from telecommunications companies to breweries also run graduate training schemes. In the public sector, the NHS has an established graduate training scheme.

How do I get a place?

The graduate milkround used to refer to a process whereby companies would tour university campuses, offering information about their schemes and interviewing interested applicants. Some companies still do this, but recently many have been recruiting primarily online instead, either through their own websites or services like Milkround. But although the method might have changed, the competition to get on the schemes is as tough as ever. With normally 50 or more applications for every single place with the top companies, you’ll really need to polish up your CV and interview and presentation skills to convince them to take you. Do plenty of research about the company, and show real enthusiasm for working there.

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