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Careers in food engineering
There are many different routes you can take to get into food engineering.

Working with Ferraris
Technology Manager at Ferrari, Lisa Lilley, works on the technical products for the Formula One programme. Find out what her job involves and see some...

My job explained: Automotive engineer
After doing a degree in automotive engineering, John Bickerton has started his first job working on buses. He describes what inspires him and how he copes...

My job explained: Automotive engineer at Jaguar Land Rover
Find out how Peter Waitland turned his love of cars into an automotive engineering career with Jaguar Land Rover.

My job explained: Assistant mechanical engineer
Michelle Mukadam is an Assistant mechanical engineer at RWE npower, a company in charge of a number of power stations across the UK. Michelle talks to...

My job explained: Civil engineer
Watching his mother build their house in Malaysia inspired Shivrendren Anandakrishnan to learn more about how structures are made. He is now transforming...

My job explained: David Hogan, BAE Systems
David Hogan works for the defence, security and aerospace company BAE Systems. Find out how the Royal Navy launched his engineering career. Could you...

My job explained: Design engineer
Arlina Ariffin’s first passion was planes. She studied aeronautical engineering at university and now reaches for the sky with the high-rise buildings...

My job explained: Development manager
Ian Smith manages software and electronics development engineers. Find out more about his job and how he got there.

My job explained: Engineering Business Operations Manager
Heather Clarke manages engineers at Atkins Global. She explains why people skills are vital to the engineering industry.

My Job Explained: Engineering consultant
Jason Hyde designs, assesses and inspects bridges with engineering consultancy firm Mott MacDonald.

My job explained: Engineering illustrator
Illustrator Yanchee Lau provides a crucial link between engineers and their clients. He is responsible for drawing designs so that everyone can have a...

My job explained: Food engineer
Judith Evans works in the Food Refrigeration and Process Engineering Research Centre (FRPERC) at the University of Bristol. She specialises in refrigeration...

My job explained: Graduate civil engineer
Samantha Doherty explains why she chose to become an engineer and describes why everyone of us relies on civil engineering every single day of our lives...

My job explained: Mechanical design engineer
Christopher Browne designs sonar equipment for navies around the world. Find out more about his job in the defence industry.

My job explained: Mechanical integrity and materials engineer
Gina Coventry works for Rolls Royce, testing and examining the materials used to build jet engines. She talks about her degree, day-to-day work, and...

My job explained: Naval architect
Tristan Smith is the person to go to if you want to learn everything you need to know about making a warship in a year. Read on to find out more. What...

My job explained: Project manager
Sarita Coultate trained as a civil engineer in South Africa but has left the wine-growing region of her childhood to help transform London’s transport...

My job explained: Resource banker
Derek McCrone trained as an aeronautical engineer before moving into the world of finance. Here he describes how he still uses the skills he learnt as...

My job explained: Senior engineer
Leah Pellew is an engineer working for Ford. She’s in charge of million pound projects and manages large teams. Read on to find out how she got where...

My job explained: Structural engineer
Katie Symons talks proudly about her job. Read on to find out why aid agencies reckon one engineer to be worth ten doctors during a natural disaster....

My job explained: Technical learning manager
Tony Moloney is UK Manager for technical learning, development and talent at the National Grid. Read on to find out more about his job training the engineers...

Career profile: Aerospace engineer
Want to reach for the stars? Well, forget 'The X Factor'. Aerospace engineers are at the cutting edge of humanity's adventures in the sky.

Career profile: Agricultural engineer
Love the countryside? We give you the lowdown on how Agricultural engineers work with a range of people to make the best use of the land. A what? Agricultural...

Career profile: Broadcast engineer
Interested in working in TV or radio but not sure how to get in? We give you the lowdown on the real stars behind the show. A what? Getting into the media...

Career profile: CAD technician
Are you creative and good at drawing? CAD technicians (or engineering designers) use computers to help with the design of engineered products from architecture...

Career profile: Chemical engineer
Forget Harry Potter. The real magicians of the modern world are chemical engineers, who take materials from the natural world and help to turn them into all of the things we use everyday.

Career profile: Civil engineer
Do you like problem solving and working as part of a team? Would you like to be involved in protecting our environment? Then maybe you could be a Civil...

Career profile: Clinical engineer
Do you want to help cure diseases and make sick people’s lives easier? You don’t need to be a doctor to make a difference. Clinical engineers are...

Career profile: Design engineer
Get the lowdown on what the job involves, what qualifications you need and how long it takes to train.

Career profile: Electrical engineer
Every time you switch on your TV, get a snack from the fridge or use a computer, you have an electrical engineer to thank. We give you the lowdown on...

Career profile: Marine engineer
Britain is famous for her relationship with the sea. Marine engineers are crucial for making sure that the vessels we use are always cutting edge and...

Career profile: Nuclear engineer
Nuclear science is used for lots of different things we take for granted in the modern world from medicine to electricity. Find out more about the people...

Career profile: Sound engineer
Want to get into the music industry or TV but think it’s too competitive? You could get through the back(stage) door by becoming a sound technician....

Career profile: Sports engineer
Footwear built for speed, tennis rackets that produce the perfect spin and ‘fastskin’ swimming costumes – top athletes rely on cutting edge equipment...

Career profile: Structural engineer
Are you interested in the design and structure of buildings? Would you enjoy carrying out investigations and problem solving? Then work as a Structural...

Accreditation and registration for engineers
As well as academic qualifications, registration can help engineers to prove their professional skills to employers and clients.

Ask an expert: Professional Registration
Find out about the benefits of registration and how it works straight from the mouths of professional engineers.

Creating an engineering CV
General CV writing advice applies to engineers too, but here are a few extra tips specifically for engineering jobs.

Electrical and electronic engineering: What's the difference?
Electrical and electronic engineering are not just two names for the same thing! Mechatronic engineer Michael Chandler explains the differences. Electrical...

Engineering and business
Engineering doesn’t have to mean finding a job with a firm - you can also go to work in the world of business.

Engineering careers abroad
Engineering is a universal language, so what do you need to know if you want to work outside the UK? Opportunities There are a huge number of engineering...

Engineering in the Armed Forces
Without engineering, the armed forces would be stuck using pointy sticks. Find out about the different roles for engineers in the Army, Navy and RAF.

Engineering work experience
Work experience is a vital part of kick-starting your career – and you can find it in lots of different places. There’s lots of general work experience...

Freelance engineering
Working as an engineer doesn't mean joining a firm: freelance work lets you work for yourself on a variety of interesting projects.

How much do engineers earn?
Money isn’t everything, but it’s certainly worth knowing about. Find out how much you could earn as an engineer. Starting salaries Few people make...

Meet an Engineering Recruiter: Tim Hooper
Tim Hooper has recruited and managed engineers at two companies. Find out what he looks for in a potential employee, and where he finds them.

Teaching for engineers
Engineering doesn’t have to be about building new structures - it could also be about building young minds.

Transferable skills from engineering
Most engineering graduates go on to engineering careers - but the skills you gain can be used in a wide range of careers and industries.

Volunteering and Gap Years for Engineers
A gap year can be a fantastic opportunity to get some work experience – and to make a positive difference in the world. Find out how with this guide...

Writing a personal statement for engineering
From UCAS forms to job applications, you’ll often find yourself having to sell yourself in a personal statement. Find out how to engineer a good one.

Career profile: Logistics engineer
Logistics engineers manage the distribution of goods and resources - for example, ensuring that products get from the factory to the shop shelf.

Career profile: Contracts engineer
Contracts engineers handle the business side of engineering.

Career profile: Railway engineer
Railway engineering is a broad and varied area, with opportunities for engineers of all kinds.