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Weird inventions: Assorted oddities

Weird inventions: Assorted odditiesSome inventions are just weird enough that they don’t fit any other category. Read on to find out about teenager repellent and disposable pants.

Disposable boxer shorts

Does this really deserve a patent? It deserves a mention, because it’s a unique idea. Disposable plates save washing up, and disposable boxer shorts save on laundry!

The shorts, made from tissue paper, were apparently ‘invented’ to solve the problem of doing laundry while camping or travelling. They may not last a full day, and they may never get onto the shop shelves – the patent was issued on April Fools Day 2003.

Portable bath

No, it’s not just a bucket – the portable bath looks like a human-sized bag. It has two holes in the top – one for your head, and one for a hose.

Invented in 1904 by Adolf Herz, the portable bath was designed for use in hotels that didn’t provide bathrooms. The user would just fill it halfway up with water, then climb in the top and have a scrub. Needless to say, the idea didn’t take off.

Teenager repellent

Sick of pesky kids hanging around near your house? Just grab yourself a Mosquito - Teenager Repelling device!

Curiously, young people are able to hear sounds with a greater range of frequencies than adults- much like a dog being able to hear a high-pitched whistle which, for you, sounds silent. The mosquito device produces high-pitched noises which irritate young people and stop them hanging around in areas equipped with the gadget.

However, it’s not all high-frequency irritation for teens - some enterprising youngsters have turned this technology to their advantage. Youths in Japan have written mobile phone ringtones that ring at a pitch so high that their crusty old teachers can’t hear it!

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