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Weird office inventions

Weird office inventionsHave a hard time getting up for work? Inventors have come up with some wacky gadgets to help you work more efficiently.

Flying alarm clock

Always late for work? This clock will ensure that you don’t hit the ‘snooze’ button. For those who find it hard to crawl out of bed, maybe the thrill of the chase will give them a morning boost.

The flying clock features rotating propeller blades which launch it into the air as the alarm bell goes off. This ensures that the clock lands across the other side of the room, making the snooze button extremely hard to reach.

USB-powered necktie fan

Nothing gets you hot and bothered like a bit of hard work, so why not stay cool with this efficient device? The USB-powered necktie fan does what it says on the tin.

It has a small fan located in the tie knot, and is designed to plug easily into your computer’s USB port. It’s easy to use and reliable, although there is no guarantee that you won’t look a bit silly in the office!

Phone shoe

A recent invention, and one which could certainly save space in your pockets – the mobile phone shoe.

Inventor Paul Gardner-Stephen thinks it could put an end to people losing their mobile phones, and it could also be handy in emergencies. Reports of people being mugged for their mobile phones have been rising in recent years. It is hoped that some sort of cunning disguise might help people avoid being targeted. Just don’t answer it in a business meeting!

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