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Can robots think?

robot playing piano thinkingWill Smith’s I, Robot may not be as sci-fi as we think. Check out some of the recent adventures and advances in the world of artificial intelligence below.

Robot on the run

In 2002, the robot Gaak escaped from an exhibit showing how far we’ve come in creating thinking robots. Gaak crept out of the room and found a gap in the building and was heading for the M1 by the time it was caught. Find out more about Gaak’s bid for freedom.

Meet Hector

Hector (High-End Computing Terascale Resource) is Britain’s fastest super computer. Living in Scotland, he can help speed up scientific experiments by helping to simulate all sorts of future outcomes from climate change to financial crashes. Take a look around Hecror.

Robot surgeon

Would you let a robot operate on your heart? A new device could cut waiting times for patients suffering from heart rhythm disorders. St Mary’s Hospital in London is testing the world’s first robot surgeon, which is able to find its way around the human heart during a common surgical procedure. Learn more about docbots.