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Engineering Diploma explained

Engineering Diploma explainedThe Engineering Diploma gives you a chance to focus on engineering from 14-19 while still getting a well-rounded education.

Who are Engineering Diplomas for?

Engineering Diplomas are for students aged 14-19, and are taken instead of or along GCSEs and A-levels.

How does the Engineering Diploma work?

The Diploma mixes classroom-based learning with practical work experience, so you'll learn on the job as well as studying in school or college. Diplomas are assessed with a mixture of portfolio work, a project and an exam.

The Diploma is available at three levels: Foundation, Higher and Advanced. Foundation is equivalent to about five D-G grade GCSEs, Higher to 7 A*-C GCSEs, and Advanced to three and a half A-levels. There's also a slightly reduced version of the Advanced Diploma, called the Progression Diploma, which is equivalent to two and a half A-levels.

Foundation and Higher Diplomas are studied in years 10 and 11, and Advanced Diplomas in year 12 and up.

On an Engineering Diploma, you won't just learn about engineering. You'll also study more general skills like English, maths and ICT, which are important both for engineering and in their own right. During a Foundation or Higher Diploma, you'll also do subjects like PE and science to round out your studies, either as part of the Diploma or as separate GCSEs.

What would I study on the Engineering Diploma?

There are three compulsory courses in the Engineering Diploma:

  • The Engineered World, which looks at why engineering is important and how it affects the world around us.
  • Discovering Engineering Technology, which looks at essential engineering principles like manufacturing, maintenance, design and materials.
  • Engineering the Future, which covers how new ideas, materials and designs get started and succeed.

There are also a variety of optional courses. Some of these allow you to specialize in a particular are of engineering, like electronics or medical engineering, while others offer the chance to broaden your studies with another subject, like a foreign language.

What can I do with an Engineering Diploma?

The Engineering Diploma is designed to give you a range of options. A Foundation or Higher diploma can lead onto the Advanced Diploma, or to an apprenticeship, A-levels or a job. The Advanced Diploma can lead to university or other training, or straight into employment.

Some universities might ask for an extra qualification along with a diploma, such as a relevant A-level. You can check a university's entry requirements on their website or contact them directly to find out more.