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How to make new friends

How to make new friendsThere is nothing wrong with being independent but sometimes everyone needs a good friend, especially if you are moving to a new home or changing jobs.

At times like these it is only natural to feel lonely when you are separated from friends and familiar places.

Often the best way to combat these feelings and help you to settle in is by meeting new people.

As the writer Robert Louis Stevenson once wrote "... no man is useless while he has a friend."

If you are unsure how to meet new people and forge new friendships, have a read of our helpful tips below and put them into practice.

1: Join a club or society or become a volunteer

This way you can enjoy your own interests and skills while meeting new people and possibly helping others.
To find out about clubs and societies in your area, visit your library or council offices.
Alternatively, click here for information about volunteering opportunities.

2: Be a good listener

Don’t just talk about yourself. People appreciate someone who is willing to listen. Ask people questions about their interests. Remember to smile and relax when they speak.

3: Don’t hide away in your home

You won’t meet any new people stuck in front of the telly. Get out and get involved. If you enjoy solitary activities such as reading or watching movies, join a book or film club.

4: Be prepared to try new things

If someone invites you to an event you know nothing about, take a risk and see what happens. You may even enjoy yourself.

5: Don’t be scared to be you

Continue to develop your own skills and talents because people will respect you for that. It will also help you to meet like-minded people.

6: Follow-ups

Once you have made the first contact with a potential friend, remember to ask them how their weekend was or whether they enjoyed a planned event they told you about. Also, try not to forget birthdays.

7: Be patient

Making new friends won’t happen overnight, it takes time and work to forge long-lasting friendships.

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