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Learning to manage your finances is the most important part of living independently. If you spend more than your income, you may find yourself struggling...

5 golden student money rules
Find out how to avoid the most common student money mistakes.

3 simple ways to manage your money
Budgeting doesn’t have to mean huge spreadsheets or wearing out a calculator. Find out about a few simple money management techniques.

Paying the bills
So you've moved into your student house, but how are you going to pay the bills? Get the lowdown on budgeting, sharing, and making sure it all gets paid on time!

Debt explained
Debt can be scary, but understanding it can make sure that you make the right choices.

Debt advice
Whether you always pay your bills off on time or avoid borrowing altogether, it doesn’t take much for a person to land themselves in debt.

How to survive financially as a student
Martin Lewis of answers student questions on how to survive at uni without emptying your pockets. Photo by Jason Rogers -- CC BY

How to live on £1 a day
Want to save money but don’t know how? Find out how one woman lived on £1 a day for a whole year. A teacher from Bristol has showed that even the worst...

Give yourself a financial checkup
Understanding your money is vital to managing it properly. Follow these simple steps to check your situation and start taking control.

Recycle your rubbish - and save some cash!
Think before you bin it! From old clothes to plastic bags, some of that stuff you’re about to put in the bin can be turned into something new, filling...

Help! I've run out of money!
It’s a horrible feeling when you look at your bank statement and realise you’re out of cash - but you can get out of it.

How much does it cost to go to university?
Find out about the different costs you'll face as a student, and how to pay for them.

Finding Freebies Online
There’s lots of free stuff available online, but sometimes it’s hard to sort the good from the bad. Read on for some of our recommendations. Free...

How to avoid getting caught by hidden costs
You might have learned all about loans, grants and student bank accounts, but there are less well-known money matters you might not have thought of.

Money saving secrets
If you need your money to go a long way, a bit of imagination can take it even further.

Three financial resolutions
Trying to start looking after your finances better? These three resolutions will help to keep you on track.

Dealing with occasional costs
Some costs, like Christmas presents and course materials, don't come along every month. Try these tips to bring them into your budget.

Four money mistakes
There are some financial follies that trip up nearly everyone. Find out how to avoid them.

Your money rights
Find out about the legal rights that can help you avoid losing out.

Stop throwing your money away
Is your cash disappearing without you getting anything for it? Check your finances for these common money-wasters.

3 things you don't need to pay for at uni
You'll face lots of expenses when you go away to university - so don't pay for things you don't have to.

Where to go for financial advice
If you need help managing your finances or understanding your options, there are lots of places to get it without stretching your money any further.

Why build a budget at university?
Building a budget won't be the most exciting thing you do at university - but it will give you more opportunity to do the things that really matter to you.

Five credit myths
Make sure you're not falling for these myths about borrowing and debt.

How to save money on your phone
A phone is hard to do without - but it can be a big expense, too. Follow these tips to keep the cost down.