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3 things you don't need to pay for at uni

3 things you don't need to pay for at uniYou'll face lots of expenses when you go away to university - so don't pay for things you don't have to.

Music and books

There might be a few key books you need a copy of for your course, but when it comes to entertainment, you have a chance to save some cash. Music streaming services, free classic ebooks, book swaps and libraries should mean you can get through your degree without paying. Keep a wishlist of things you want a permanent copy of to avoid impulse buying.


It's only an occasional expense, but haircuts can be expensive. However, many hairdressers and hairdressing colleges offer cheap or free haircuts as long as you're willing to have the job done by a trainee. It won't put your hair in too much peril - there'll always be someone fully qualified supervising - but it might take a little longer.

For those less bothered about style, a pair of hair clippers can provide free hair cuts throughout your course.


Free condoms are likely to be available from your student union or university health centre. Exactly how to get them will vary, and many universities will have ways to collect them anonymously. Look on your student union website to find out more.

Other types of contraception, including emergency contraception (the 'morning after pill') are available free from your GP and sometimes from sexual health clinics, pharmacies and walk-in centres.