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How much does it cost to go to university?

Find out about the different costs you'll face as a student, and how to pay for them.

What are the costs of university?

  • Tuition fees are the most obvious cost of university, but you won't have to pay them while you study thanks to the Tuition Fee Loan.
  • Somewhere to live is a major cost unless you stay with your parents. You can expect to pay around £120 a week, but this varies around the UK.
  • Bills for electricity, gas, mobile phone and internet add a
  • Food and other essentials can be more expensive than you expect. You can expect to spend around £25 a week, although budgeting carefully can cut this down.
  • Study materials such as books and equipment cost students an average of around £1,000 a year, although this can vary widely depending on your course.
  • Travel to university and around town once you around costs around £700 a year.
  • Socialising doesn't come free, whether you're buying gig tickets or paying for drinks in the union bar.

Finding out how much university will cost you

Lots of things can affect the cost of university, such as where you live,

You can add up your costs and work out how you'll cover them using the Student Calculator.

Cutting down on costs

How to cover the cost

Most students use a mix of financial support from the government, bursaries and scholarships from their university and part-time work to cover the cost of university. There's also extra support available if you're struggling with money.

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