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Part-time jobs
There are numerous benefits to working part-time whilst at university. Click below for some helpful tips on how to find and manage a part-time job.

Tax explained
Planning to earn some extra cash to fund your way through uni? Make sure you know your facts about tax otherwise you may end up paying too much.

5 unusual ways to make money
Staring at a full timetable as well as an empty wallet? Read on for our top tips on how to get some quick cash without sacrificing your studies. If you...

Starting a business while you study
Starting a business can be a great experience and a flexible way to make money while you study.

Making the most of your part-time job
Part-time jobs can help to fill your wallet while you study - but they can benefit you in other ways, too.

Using a recruitment agency
Don’t have time to look for a job while you’re studying, or want some temporary work in the holidays?

The most successful student businesses
We take a look at some of the world’s most successful student businesses, from Facebook to hot cookies.

Getting paid
So you’ve been working hard and are looking forward to your first paycheque – but there might be a few surprises when the money comes in.

Jobseeker's Allowance explained
Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) is there to keep you going while you're looking for work. Find out how it works and how to claim.

Making money from home
Want to make some extra cash in your spare time? Find out how you can – and how to avoid scams.

Losing your job
Losing your job can be hard, but things will be easier if you know your rights should the worst happen.

Tutoring is a popular way to make some money during and after your studies.

3 money-making schemes to avoid
We all need a bit of extra cash sometimes - but make sure you don't fall for these traps.

Universal Credit explained
The Universal Credit is replacing some of the benefits that are currently available. Find out how and when it will affect you.

Finding a summer job
The long summer break is a great opportunity to gain experience and make some money. Find out where you can get summer work.

Employee benefits explained
You can get a lot more than just pay in return for your work. Find out about some of the other employment benefits you might receive.