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Hardship Funds

Hardship FundsIf you find yourself struggling while at university, there is more help available to help you complete your course.

What are hardship funds?

Hardship funds are there for students who get into financial difficulties during their studies. Universities gives it out to the students they think are in the most need.

Who’s entitled?

Hardship funds are awarded to people who are at risk of dropping out of their course due to financial considerations, but exactly who is eligible will depend on the individual university.

Many universities give priority to particular groups, such as disabled students or single parents. For example, parents are often offered money  to help with childcare costs that aren't covered by the Childcare Grant.

How much would I receive?

How much you get depends on your situation - it will be up to your university to judge how much you need.

How do I apply?

As hardship funds are organised by individual universities and colleges, you need to get in touch with your student services offices, student union or student support office.

Do I have to pay it back?

It's up to your university whether or not you will have to pay back money you get through hardship funds, so make sure you discuss this with them.

Other names

Universities might have a variety of names for their funds, such as 'emergency funding' or 'access to learning fund'. If you're not sure, ask your student services department for help.

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