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Online dyslexia advice

Online dyslexia adviceFrom Richard Branson and Einstein to Tom Cruise and Orlando Bloom, lots of famous and successful people are dyslexic, so it definitely shouldn’t hold you back. However, you might need some extra help, especially at school. Check out the websites and organisations below for advice and support.

Bristol Dyslexia Centre

This is a fun website with information on dyslexia. There are cartoon diagrams, which show how people with dyslexia have slightly different brains to other people, explaining why you might sometimes have trouble putting ideas into words. If you think you may have dyslexia, but you’re not sure, you can have a go at their quick questionnaire. And finally, there are some online games to help you learn different spelling rules.

Being Dyslexic

This website has an online community where people with dyslexia can talk to others their own age and share tips for dealing with the condition. As well as forums, you can get information to help you understand more about dyslexia: what the symptoms are, why it can be a good thing and the types of help you can expect from your school.

British Dyslexics

Dyslexic Help provides lots of great information, which is presented clearly. It is mainly for parents, so if you think you may have dyslexia, it might be worth going through the website with your mum, dad or guardian. There is advice on how to get tested and, if you do have dyslexia, how to get extra time in exams as well as making sure that your condition doesn’t become a cause for bullying.


EmployAbility works with students / graduates with dyslexia, physical, mental or other long term health condition or disability to help in the transition from education to employment. They provide internships and graduate training programmes with top employers, skills workshops to help with applications and interviews, and employer insight days where you can network with key employers.