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What can I do with a maths degree?
Studying maths can be its own reward - but what do you do next? Find out where maths could take you.

Working with Ferraris
Technology Manager at Ferrari, Lisa Lilley, works on the technical products for the Formula 1 programme. Find out what her job involves and see some of the cars she works on in action.

Career profile: Actuary
Nobody can tell the future - but thanks to the power of statistics, actuaries can get very close.

Career profile: Statistician
Statisticians use numbers to make sense of the world. Find out about the huge range of industries they work in, and how to get involved.

Maths and Finance
Finance is one of the most popular careers for maths graduates. Find out what it involves and why it attracts so many people.

Maths freelancing
Want to work for yourself? Find out how you can go freelance with maths.

What else can I do with maths?
When it comes to maths careers, most people think of things like academia, finance or accountancy. Find out about some of the alternatives.