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Get essay writing right

writing essaySitting down in front of a blank screen or empty piece of paper can be daunting. These tips can help you write a good essay.

Choose your question carefully

You will often get a choice of questions. Try to pick a subject you find interesting and, if possible, don’t just go for the one that looks easiest – you’ll end up writing the same answers as all your classmates, which makes it much harder for your assignment to stand out.

Do your reading

Make sure you read up on the essay subject before you sit down to write. Try to always keep your essay question in mind while you do your reading.

Get planning

Once you’ve done some research, sit down and plan your essay. Think about what argument you’d like to put across and then work out what you need to include in the beginning, middle and end to make your essay convincing.

Keep it focused

Don’t stray off the essay topic. However brilliant your random thoughts are, they won’t win you any marks if they don’t address the question.

Check your essay carefully

Make sure you read over your essay a couple of times before you hand it in – spelling and grammar mistakes won’t do you any favours.

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