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Homework hints

Homework hintsYou might be thinking that homework is a waste of your time, time that could be spent hanging out with your mates, but a little work now will pay off in the end.

Good grades look great on a CV, and that bit of extra work will work wonders when you're trying to sell yourself in an interview or on an application form. This will help you get on in life as it is almost certain to affect the job you get or the salary you are paid.

You've all probably heard the hints and tips that people talk about to help you manage your work and complete it to a high standard, but they really do work. Try some of the following for yourself:

  • Keep a homework timetable to help keep track of when you get work and when it has to be handed in.
  • Try to do your homework as soon as you can as it will be fresh in your mind and easier to do.
  • Find out when is the best time for you to complete your homework - straight after school or later in the evening. It's what works best for you that matters.

Make it fun

Not everyone finds sitting at a desk with a book the best way of doing their homework. If you are one of these people then why not try some of these other ways:

  • Look through the TV guide for any educational programmes. Sometimes seeing it on screen can make a subject easier to understand.
  • Turn on the radio. As with TV, the radio has lots of educational programmes to help young people study. Visit to find out what is on.
  • Look through a TV guide or on the BBC website for more information.
  • You use the Internet to chat and play games, so why not use it for your homework as well? There are homework help websites, where you can e-mail teachers with your queries. The web is so big, you are almost guaranteed to find a website with the information you want!
  • Encyclopaedia CD-ROMS contain loads of info on them, so have a hunt through and get the answers you need.