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Non-teaching jobs in schools

Non-teaching jobs in schoolsFind out about some of the jobs available in schools if you don't want to become a teacher.

Teaching assistant

If you want to work closely with children, you could become a teaching assistant. Teaching assistants help with:

  • Administration
  • Setting up the classroom before lessons and clearing up afterwards
  • Helping to plan activities and keep records

The work assistants do with students will vary from school to school, but is likely to include:

  • Helping students with tasks they are finding difficult
  • Managing behaviour in the classroom
  • Reading to children or listening to them read
  • Supervising children when they are working in groups

You might also be able to specialize in areas like literacy, or working with children with special educational needs. This might require extra training.

The qualifications and experience you need will vary across the country and from school to school, but you can expect to need GCSE maths and English. Any qualifications in childcare or youth work will be helpful. There are also specific qualifications available, which you could study towards while working or volunteering.


There's a lot of admin to be done in schools, including:

  • Handling calls and emails
  • Photocopying and filing
  • Handling money for things like school trips
  • Managing student data

Most of this will take place in a central office in the school. You'll need good IT skills, and you'll often be using specialist data management software.

Administration can be a hectic job - there's lots to do, and you can expect new jobs to be coming in constantly while you're trying to do it.

It can be tough to get a job without experience because of the specialist knowledge required. If you sign up with a temping agency that works with local schools, you might be able to get temporary work which will give you the experience you need.

Lab technician

If you're interested in science, you could work as a lab technician, supporting science teachers in running experiments and demonstrations. As a technician, you'll:

  • look after the school's lab equipment and ensure that materials and chemicals are kept in stock
  • demonstrate experiments to staff and students
  • make sure health and safety rules are understood and followed
  • make sure all the necessary equipment for classes and experiments is in the classroom when it's needed

The amount of contact you have with students will vary from job to job.

You'll need relevant science A-levels, but higher qualifications aren't generally required. However, a HND or degree could make it easier to get work.

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